September 2016 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by at 6:00 PM.


Roll Call:      Mayor LaRue- P                     Councilor Taylor- P

                    Councilor Heideman- A            Councilor (Crum) Benson- A

                   Councilor Patton- P                  Councilor Peterson- P

Recorder:  Kim Carter- P Maintenance:  Curtis Thompson- P (6:40)       

Guests: Cydney McElligott

Minutes: Meeting minutes from August were reviewed. Councilor Taylor moved to approve the minutes and Councilor Peterson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Bills: Mayor LaRue reviewed the audit trail report and found no irregularities. The bills were reviewed and Councilor Taylor moved to approve them, Councilor Peterson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Financial Reports: Financial reports were reviewed with the council. Temporary labor budget is mostly spent. We may need to hire additional help for crack sealing to be done. It is early in the budget year but we are on track. Councilor Peterson moved to approve the financial reports Councilor Patton seconded. Unanimous approval.


Dog Ordinance: The current dog ordinance is PS-1-2007. Each council member was given a copy of PS-1-2007 and the previous ordinance PS-1-2005 to compare, mark changes and make suggestions for updating the ordinance to make it current.

Letter of Request 2nd & H Street: The City received a letter from Kelly Christman, Verna Mudie and Kim Thompson requesting a 4 way stop at the intersection of 2nd Street and H Street. After discussion Councilor Taylor moved to place a dead end sign on the East side of H Street and place slow/curve signs on 2nd and H Street. Councilor Patton seconded. Unanimous approval. Councilor Taylor will talk to Ms. Mudie about the locust tree on her property being removed to improve visibility.

Property Clean Up: Mayor LaRue is working on contacting property owners for clean up. Current properties of concern are Backman on G Street, Barnett on H Street, Brown on Hwy 74, Rowell on Cherry Street and Pennington on Emert.


Play Structure: Cydney McElligott was present to discuss with the council the play structures for the City Park. She shared 3-4 structures that she feels would meet the needs of many different ages in the park. We will need a sod cutter to remove the grass and can do the 3rd picnic table in Howard Park at the same time. At this time the area is 25 feet wide and 40 feet long but can be expanded to meet the needs and equipment. We will check the prices for the structures selected and make sure they will fit in the area designated.

Howard Park: We will be adding a 3rd table to the park. One of the tables is warped; Mayor LaRue will talk to Scott Smythe about that.

Employee Handbook: Mayor LaRue will be working on changes and bring to the council for review and input.

Waste Water Tour: Mayor LaRue is still planning to tour waster water sites.


Mayor Report: Mayor LaRue reported she had spoken Anderson and Perry and received an email about the solutions for the water issue on Emert II which she shared with the council. She will be contacting Rollins, Padbergs and Eynetichs about expired 4-H permits. There will be 2 open council positions after the election in November. She will also be working with MCGG to move forward with their annexation. Mayor LaRue shared a letter from CBEC the City received thanking us for our support of the car charging station.

Maintenance report: Curtis reported that he has been working on street signs; he has fixed Eynetich’s meter on B Street. Liquivision will be here on September 23rd to clean the reservoirs. He has been in contact with TopLoc the asphalt to crack seal our streets. They now do projects by the pallet. Pallets are $5000 each and cover about 10,000 linear feet. He would like to do 2 pallets and have them touch up Main Street, and seal Emert, 3rd Street and 2nd Street if possible. He is doing lead and copper samples for the water system. He would like to order 2 more Christmas decorations. Mayor LaRue will seek donations so approved ordering 2 more.

Recorders report: Kim reported on past due accounts. Letters were sent to past due accounts and will be followed by shut off notices if payments are not made.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00

The next meeting will be October 11, 2016