City of Ione Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles & Traffic Section
Ordinance VT-1 – 2005

AN ORDINANCE, Prohibiting the keeping of abandoned vehicles within the limits of the City of Ione, Oregon.


Keeping Abandoned Vehicles Prohibited:

It is unlawful to park, store, leave, or permit the parking or storing of any licensed or unlicensed motor vehicle of any kind for a period of time in excess of seventy-two (72) hours, which is in a rusted or wrecked or junked or partially dismantled or inoperative or abandoned condition, whether attended or not, upon any public or private property within the City, unless the same is completely enclosed within a building or unless it is in connection with a business enterprise, lawfully licensed by the City, and properly operated in the appropriate business zone, pursuant to the zoning laws of the City, and a violation of the chapter is a misdemeanor.

Accumulation declared nuisance:

The accumulation and storage of one or more of such vehicles, as hereinbefore defined, on public or private property shall constitute rubbish and unsightly debris and a nuisance, detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of the inhabitants of the City, and it shall be the duty of the registered owner of such vehicle, and it shall also be the duty of the owner of the private property, or the lessee or other person in possession of the private property upon which such vehicle is located, to remove the same from the City or to have the same housed in a building where it will not be visible from the street.

Project Vehicle:

One project vehicle per household is allowed. Project vehicle shall be exempt from the current licensing requirement. Owner shall register vehicle each year with City Hall and provide information, including project scope and timeline. Progress must be maintained on said vehicle in a timely manner. Appearance of vehicle and surrounding area shall be kept as neat and tidy as possible, avoiding the appearance of an abandoned vehicle. Project vehicle may not be an obstruction to the Fire Department in case of emergency nor City Maintenance maintaining city right of ways.

Notice to abate:

It shall be the duty of the City Council of the City to give written notice to the registered owner of any motor vehicle which is in violation of this chapter, or to give such notice to the owner or lessee of the private land upon which such motor vehicle is situated, giving notice that said vehicle violates this chapter and demanding that said motor vehicle be removed from the City within seventy-two (72) hours, or that within seventy-two (72) hours the same be housed in a building where it will not be visible from the street. Said notice may be given by personal service or by registered mail, with return receipt requested. Written notice sent to the last known address of the registered owner of a vehicle or the owner or lessee of real property shall be sufficient.

Failure to abate – penalty:

If the notice is given, and the person upon whom said notice and demand is made shall fail to remove said vehicle or vehicles, as the case may be, or shall fail to cause the same to be housed in a building where it will not be visible from the street, then such person shall be in violation of this chapter, and upon conviction thereof, is punishable.

Abatement by City:

As an alternate procedure the City Council may, after giving the notice required by this ordinance and after waiting seventy-two (72) hours, cause the vehicle or vehicles to be removed by a City truck or be a commercial tow truck to a commercial garage, an automobile wrecking yard, or any other suitable place for storage of the vehicle as may be designated by the City Council; and within forty-eight (48) hours after the removal and storage of such vehicle notice shall be given in the manner prescribed to the registered owner of such vehicle, and also to the owner, lessee, or person in possession of the land from which the vehicle was removed, that said vehicle or vehicles have been impounded and stored for violation of this chapter; and said notice shall include the location of the place where the vehicle or vehicles are stored, and the costs incurred by the City for the removal or towing, if said charges are not paid in full to the City Recorder with ten (10) days immediately following the giving of such notice, said vehicle or vehicles shall be deemed to have been abandoned and will thereafter be discarded as junk.