October 2016 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by at 6:00 PM.

Roll Call:      Mayor LaRue- P                           Councilor Taylor- P

                    Councilor Heideman- P                 Councilor (Crum) Benson- P

                   Councilor Patton- P                       Councilor Peterson- P

Recorder:  Kim Carter- P    Maintenance:  Curtis Thompson- P  


Minutes: Meeting minutes from September were reviewed. Councilor Taylor moved to approve the minutes and Councilor Peterson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Bills: Mayor LaRue reviewed the audit trail report and found no irregularities. The bills were reviewed and Councilor Taylor moved to approve them, Councilor Peterson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Financial Reports: Financial reports were reviewed with the council. The budget is on track. Tax revenue should start coming in November. The asphalt company, Top-Loc, is planning to crack seal streets soon; the budget for the project is $10,000.  Councilor Benson moved to approve the financial reports Councilor Patton seconded. Unanimous approval.


USDA Loan: Mayor LaRue would like to research refinancing our loan with the USDA. She believes we may be able to find a lower interest rate. She will report back to the council what she finds.

Office Computer: The office computer is outdated and needs to be replaced. It is in the budget to do this. The old computer will be updated and cleaned up for maintenance to use.


Library Agreement: Mayor LaRue spoke with Anne Morter and she will sign the library agreement and pay rent since July 2016.

Play Structure: The equipment that we selected is still available. There may be a municipal discount once we make a commitment to purchase. Councilor Patton moved to approve the purchase of the equipment, Councilor Taylor seconded. Unanimous approval. Mayor LaRue will let the McElligott family know.

Howard Park: A sample design was sent to Mrs. Heideman at the school shop. The quote to produce the 4×6 sign is $511. The council agrees to move forward with having it made.

Employee Handbook: Mayor LaRue will be working on changes and bring to the council for review and input at the November meeting.

Waste Water Tour: Mayor LaRue is still planning to tour waster water sites.

Signage on 2nd Street: The signs for 2nd and H Street are here and Curtis will be putting them in place.

Dog Ordinance: The council is still reviewing the old ordinances for suggestions for updating. It will be discussed again at the November meeting.

Property Clean Up: Mayor LaRue has been in contact with some of the property owners of concern. She is still working on contacting others.

Brown Property: The heir of the Richard Brown property on Hwy 74 has an interested buyer if she also owns the railroad right of way. At this time it does not appear that she does but she is working on accessing a safe deposit box that she hopes will have the deed. In the mean time the neighbor has been doing some maintenance on the property.

Water Issue-Emert II: Councilor Taylor is working on solutions for the issue. He needs the elevation and pressure readings for the well to explore an option to fix the problem. He will work with Curtis to get what information he can.


Mayor Report: Mayor LaRue reported and councilor Taylor had attended the Morrow County Economic Development task force meeting.

Maintenance report: Curtis took a week of vacation. He has been working on replacing street signs. The sprinklers are shut off and have been winterized. The reservoirs were cleaned and everything looks good. Lead and copper testing was done but one sample leaked so another sample had to be resubmitted.

Recorders report: Kim reported on past due accounts. Letters were sent to past due accounts and will be followed by shut off notices if payments are not made. So far collections are going well and accounts are being monitored closely.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00

The next meeting will be  November 8, 2016