November 2016 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Mayor LaRue at 6:00 PM.

Roll Call:      Mayor LaRue- P                         Councilor Taylor- P

                    Councilor Heideman- P                Councilor (Crum) Benson- P

                    Councilor Patton- P                     Councilor Peterson- P

Recorder:  Kim Carter- P         Maintenance:  Curtis Thompson- P 


Minutes: Meeting minutes from October were reviewed. Councilor Taylor moved to approve the minutes and Councilor Heideman seconded. Unanimous approval.

Bills: Mayor LaRue reviewed the audit trail report and found no irregularities. The bills were reviewed and Councilor Taylor moved to approve them, Councilor Benson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Financial Reports: Financial reports were reviewed with the council. Tax revenue should start coming in this month. In the Water Fund the cash carry over was overstated. We will need to do a supplemental budget to reduce capital outlay by $25,000. Late fees for water were discussed. It was decided that late fees of $25 will be charged after the 25th of the month. Councilor Benson moved to approve the financial reports Councilor Patton seconded. Unanimous approval.


Knop Development Permit: Todd and Kate Knop presented a development permit to place a manufactured home on their property in Emert II. Councilor Benson moved to approve the permit, Councilor Peterson seconded. Unanimous approval.


Emert II water issue: A grant request for $100,000 will be presented at the next ICABO meeting. The funds would be dedicated to fixing the water issue on Emert II. We will need an engineer to assist in a plan. Mayor LaRue will contact the Port of Morrow to see if they would be able to assist in engineering services. We could also contact Silver Creek Contracting for a consultation.

USDA loan: Current rate of USDA loan is 4.75 percent. Mayor LaRue is checking with other sources for a lower interest rate.

McElligott Play Structure: We are waiting to hear back from the company on price and discounts that might be available.  

Waste Water Tour: Mayor LaRue spoke to the City of Elkton, they only have about 190 population but are very happy with the Orenco system. They have a 14 acre drain field and charge $33 per month. 

Employee Handbook: Mayor LaRue is working on a final draft will present at the next council meeting.

Dog Ordinance: Councilors can mark changes and suggestion and return to Kim for her to create a rough draft for review.

Property Clean Up: Mayor LaRue found out that it would cost $275 to have a vehicle towed. She will contact Morrow County Sheriff’s office to ask about what other options would be available to the City.


Mayor Report: Mayor LaRue reported she has reviewed our City Charter as to whether a person living outside the City limits can be on the council, at this time unless a change is made to the charter that is not allowed. Councilor Heideman has moved outside of the City limits and is no longer able to serve on the council. 

Maintenance report: Curtis reported the chip sealing is complete and things are mostly winterized. The culverts were not cleaned out and will need some work in the future.

Recorders report: Kim reported on past due accounts. Audit is complete. There will an open house retirement reception prior to the council meeting on December 13 from 5-6 PM to honor outgoing Mayor Linda LaRue.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:15

The next meeting will be December 13, 2016