January 2017 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Mayor LaRue at 5:55 PM.

Roll Call:      Mayor LaRue- P                                Councilor Taylor- P

                     Councilor Benson- P                         Councilor Peterson- P

                    Councilor Patton- P             

Recorder:  Kim Carter- A         Maintenance:  Curtis Thompson- P


Minutes: Meeting minutes from December were reviewed. Councilor Peterson moved to approve the minutes and Councilor Benson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Bills: Mayor LaRue reviewed the audit trail report and found no irregularities. The bills were reviewed and Councilor Benson moved to approve them, Councilor Patton seconded. Unanimous approval.

Financial Reports: Financial reports were reviewed with the council. Councilor Peterson moved to approve the financial reports Councilor Patton seconded. Unanimous approval.


Swearing in of Mayor and Council positions: Mayor LaRue swore in Rod Taylor as the Mayor and Taranna Patton and Dan Peterson as council members.

City Administrator: Mayor LaRue is finishing up some projects with the City of Ione so she will stay on with the City to complete these projects. Councilor Benson moved to appoint Linda LaRue as City Administrator on a volunteer and temporary basis. Councilor Peterson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Open Council position: The City has advertised for 5-6 months and not had any interest in the open council positions. Brian Spivey is interested in filling one of the open positions. He had lived in the City for more then the required year but moved away for a few months to Heppner while still maintaining ownership of property in Ione. While he is a few months short of meeting the requirement for residency of 1 year because of his history, his desire to serve and the need to fill open council positions, he would like to be appointed to council. Councilor Patton moved to waive this requirement for Mr. Spivey and allow him to serve on council, Councilor Benson seconded. Unanimous approval. Mayor Taylor will contact Mr. Spivey to let him know.


USDA loan: Mayor LaRue reported that she talked to Jeff Bailey with Bank of Eastern Oregon about the refinance. They would be interested in buying the loan at 3.5%. Currently we pay 4.75%. The broker she was speaking to said based on the amount of our debt which is relatively low and we won’t get a lot lower on the interest rate through them. She will continue to look for the best deal for the City.  

McElligott Play Structure: Equipment is delivered. The pallets were too big to fit inside the shop so they are covered up outside.

Property Clean Up: Still working with property owners. Under Sheriff Bowles will be calling on behalf of the City about Barnett property clean up.

Emert II water issue: We are still gathering information on costs and solutions. We have the funds from ICABO that are being held in a restricted account until needed to begin working on the project but until the weather improves nothing can be done.

Employee Handbook: Mayor LaRue reported that the handbook is ready with minor changes. Paid time of was converted to sick and vacation. It can be adopted presently. Councilor Peterson moved to adopt the new employee Handbook, Councilor Benson seconded. Unanimous approval.


Mayor Report: Mayor LaRue reported she gave Kim and Curtis their reviews today. She will make sure that a new computer is ordered for Kim as the current one is running very slowly and making a grinding noise.

Maintenance report: Curtis reported he has been servicing vehicles and cleaning park restrooms. Has been shoveling and moving snow and deicing sidewalks. Christmas decorations are down and stored in the barn. Lights and bulbs for Christmas decorations are in the garage at City Hall. Curtis gave notice to resign his position; he has accepted another job and February 16, 2017 will be his last work day.

Recorders report: Kim was absent due to weather.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM

The next meeting will be February 14, 2017


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