December 2016 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Mayor LaRue at 6:00 PM.

Roll Call:      Mayor LaRue- P                        Councilor Taylor- P

                    Councilor Benson- P                  Councilor Peterson- P

                   Councilor Patton- P             

Councilor Heideman has moved out of the City limits and is no longer able

to serve on the council.     

Recorder:  Kim Carter- P         Maintenance:  Curtis Thompson- P 

Guests: Carla McClane, Morrow County Planning Department

Minutes: Meeting minutes from November were reviewed. Councilor Taylor moved to approve the minutes and Councilor Peterson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Bills: Mayor LaRue reviewed the audit trail report and found no irregularities. The bills were reviewed and Councilor Taylor moved to approve them, Councilor Benson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Financial Reports: Financial reports were reviewed with the council. Councilor Peterson moved to approve the financial reports Councilor Benson seconded. Unanimous approval.


Resolution 4-2016: Carla McClane gave a brief history of the development of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. A resolution adopting the Morrow County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan was read to the council. Councilor Taylor moved to adopt the plan, Councilor Benson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Davidson Development Permit: Charles Davidson submitted a development permit to replace an existing garage structure on his property with a larger building. The permit is reviewed by the council and because it is not a residential structure a variance to allow a lesser degree of flood proofing can be granted. Councilor Taylor moved to approve the permit with variance, Councilor Patton seconded. Unanimous approval.


USDA loan: Mayor LaRue has found a couple of options to lower the interest rate. She is working with a broker to help pick a good option for the City.

McElligott Play Structure: Equipment is ordered. We are awaiting delivery information.  

Property Clean Up: Scott Barnett has removed 1 vehicle and reported that the other should be removed within 30 days

Emert II water issue: The City has received a grant for $100,000 from ICABO. The funds will be dedicated to fixing the water issue on Emert II, a separate account has been opened to maintain these restricted funds until needed for the project. Councilor Peterson move d to have signers for the account be Kim Carter, Rod Taylor and Taranna Patton, Councilor Benson seconded. Unanimous approval. Councilor Taylor will meet with the engineer from the Port of Morrow to discuss options and Mayor LaRue will contact Tennison Engineering for a consult.

Chairperson of the Council: Councilor Peterson nominates Councilor Patton to be the council chairperson, Councilor Benson seconded. Unanimous approval.

Employee Handbook: Mayor LaRue contacted the League of Oregon Cities and after researching paid time off she found that the City needs to go back to tracking sick and vacation pay to be in compliance. She will make that change to the final draft of the new handbook.

Dog Ordinance: There is one change to wording in the first paragraph, changing punish to fine. Upon the change Councilor Benson moved to approve the dog ordinance, Councilor Taylor seconded. Unanimous approval.


Mayor Report: Mayor LaRue reported she attended the economic task force meeting and housing continues to be an issue for the whole county. She will be completing the employee handbook. There will be 3 empty council positions that need to be filled beginning next month.

Maintenance report: Curtis reported that a new system for tracking purchase orders would make it easier to use. He suggested making a list of equipment and assigning them numbers. Those numbers could be used on purchase orders to correspond with the equipment it is for. Christmas décor is up. He has been melting ice with a leaf blower. He has the shop cleaned up. There are 2 broken windows in the park restroom that need to be replaced. They have been vandalized by rocks.

Recorders report: Kim reported on past due accounts. She also reported that one of our lead samples came back with higher than acceptable results. She is working with the State to get the tests redone and getting consumer information ready if necessary.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30

The next meeting will be January 10, 2017